Massage is not just about relaxation. It is also beneficial to anyone who may be recovering from an accident or injury, and it is an effective treatment for stress, pain, anxiety, depression, arthritis, fatigue and sleep disturbances. Massage works by relaxing muscles and flushing out toxins that have been locked in the body. Bi-weekly or monthly massage treatments can be beneficial to your mind and body.

Swedish Massage. This treatment style uses long, gentle strokes to relax the entire body and direct the blood flow back to your heart, resulting in a pleasure sensation.

Deep Tissue. Deep tissue massage is more intense, with pressure applied to areas where there is tension or pain; the focus is on healing, as opposed to pleasure.

Chair Massage. For this style of massage, the client is seated, and the treatment is shorter and focused on the head, shoulders, back and hands. A chair massage can be delivered with either the Swedish or Deep Tissue technique.